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Favorite Go To Meals

Life gets busy!  Its nice to be able to have a list of favorite recipes that you can go to.  I like simple recipes that can be adapted to what I have on hand.  I really like meals that use up leftovers in a different way if its a one pot meal even better.  Cooking this way makes me get creative and is how some of my favorites meals are made up.  Here are a few ideas for you to use.

Tacos.  We have tacos a lot they make easy no think dinners.  Ingredients can be adapted to whatever you have in the fridge.  I have no rules when it comes to tacos.  Roasted veggies, beans, meat, lettuce, or tortillas.  Add cheese, salsa, or whatever else as topping.  Super easy way to clean out the fridge and use up leftover veggies or proteins from the week.

Chili.  Beans and tomatoes are the base.  Add whatever veggies or meat you have leftover.  Sweet potatoes, zucchini, chicken, or beef.  I call this clean the fridge out chili.  I will toss anything I have left so nothing goes to waste.

Eggs.  If I’m really out of ideas roasted veggies, a grain like quinoa or rice, and throw an egg on top.  Boom dinner!  Eggs are great on top of salads too.

Chicken Veggie Bake.  On a baking sheet toss chicken cut into chunks with veggies.  Top with any sauce or seasoning you want.  Bake.  Serve with a grain or alone.

Protein, Veggie, and Grain.  Last but probably the most used in my house.  Chicken, beef, fish, or any form of protein you want.  Add  steamed Veggies and a grain and you have a complete meal.  Bonus you can make extra and have a lunch or stuff to throw on a salad.

These make up a lot of the dinners I make in our house.  I like easy week night dinners with minimal clean up.  They are meals made of staples I always have in my fridge or leftovers from dinners during the week I don’t want to waste.

Author Aimee Morrisey

Aimee Morrisey Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate from Integrative Nutrition. As a longtime cook, Aimee enjoys incorporating organic, natural, and GMO Free ingredients into her recipes focusing on vegetarian and gluten-free cooking.

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